Xquery declare updating function

27-Apr-2020 07:47

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Some of the changes don't change the XQuery language itself, but clarify or improve the documents.

Many terms now have explicitly defined, and summarized in a new Glossary section.

Note that there is no new version of either the specifications, which were released to Last Call in May.

Some text and examples in this summary are quoted from the working drafts.

A value provides similar functionality, without the extra concept of an implementation-defined input sequence.

There are also various minor changes to the grammar or the formal semantics.

September 10, 2003 Per Bothner The XQuery/XSLT working group released another set of Working Drafts on August 22, 2003.

This article is my attempt to summarize the significant changes in the new drafts.

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The prevalent feeling seems to be that XQuery is a specialized language for extracting content from XML documents.But these alternative formulations are both inconvenient for users and harder for an implementation to optimize, which suggests the these axes should be standard. An implementation is free to implement the Full Axis Feature, in which case it must implement all these extra axes.

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