X rated 3d vitural chat

07-Dec-2019 18:33

Make use of our 3D scans to plan your next event and see what your space will look like before the big day! Okay, maybe not, so I'll try to keep this all as PG-13 as possible.The app will include a little window for chatting via text or video, and sharing photos.

Of course, there's a word for the practice of remotely controlling massagers. It's been the next big thing in adult fun for about three decades... The accompanying slides feature the latest and greatest tech used to combine our beloved mobile devices with our most beloved private toys (and parts).Today, the company has a single i OS app that helps control all of its personal massage devices, which includes five wireless devices and four wired devices.The app provides a screen for controlling the speed and intensity of vibration, plus the devices can be set to work with music, generating a special kind of rhythm to the beat (some of them work with older i Pods, requiring no app at all).When almost everyone has a smartphone, including your partner—whether he or she is in bed next to you or across the country—why not make those little handheld computers part of the "adult" experience?

Of course, they already are a big part of most adult interaction if you factor in the countless private chats, texts, sexts, racy Snapchats, phone calls, and video calls taking place every single day behind closed doors.

Plus, we also include a look at the newest way to take advantage of 3D printers to create a special gift for Valentine's Day, or any day.

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