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We won't stop you from running even more systems through officially released adapters.

Again, just let us know how exactly you've recorded your run so we can time it fairly.

The licence has also seen outings with less focus on byzantine die-roll-athons and more on the general fantasy setting, as in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance.

Cynics will doubt there's any actual reason why this game is AD&D-infused other than it having been hot stuff at the time, smack-bang in the middle of the so-called CRPG Golden Age ('C' for 'Classic'), with the likes of SSI's "Gold Box" series and the games on triumphant parade.

The three kinds of consoles Analogue produces or produced are the NT Mini (NES and Famicom), the Super NT (SNES and Super Famicom) and the Mega SG (Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega CD, Master System and Game Gear).

They're not exactly cheap but do come seriously close to the real things, each of them, with luxury options to tinker with.

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I think I was listening to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" at the time, which is oddly apt for these tesselating dungeon environments as well. Have you ever felt the goats in your life were simply running out of control? Now, I'm far-right even at my least governable by contrast with guys like ' Habreno', for whom one frame in nine years of collective efforts is within the bounds of reasonable time allocation.

Historically, PCs and consoles have mixed like flaming oil and boiling water, and while the PC versions were kindly welcomed, no love was lavished on the NES port at the time despite having the same basic side-scrolling action gameplay, with spells and stuff.

So, this death-abusing run was improved by 8 seconds, mainly from a shortcut.

Don't nothin' spell "radical" more than arcade run 'n' guns. I think going overboard is very much par for the course here!

At any given time, two thirds of the VRAM is filled with explosion sprites. The intense drum-atic midi data is solely dedicated to the One God of Awesome. I've just witnessed a tank jacking itself up to make room for a massive flamethrower turret hooked on its underbelly.See, my best guess is is half-pelican-half-flounder, pulled by primitive drives both sky- and water level -wards.