Workplace dating wrong

02-Oct-2019 10:36

Whether you decide to discourage office romances or not (totally your call), forbidding them altogether will not prevent them from happening; it’ll just force employees to break the rules and keep their relationships private.

You’ll be much better off to accept that they will happen and encourage employees to discuss workplace relationships with HR reps and supervisors—especially when the relationships become serious.

Here are eight HR facts about workplace romances you probably need to know now, because love doesn’t wait for HR to get its ducks in a row—especially on Valentine’s Day.

say they are open to engaging in romantic relationships with coworkers. That means there’s either an incredibly high conversion rate among those employees who say they’re open to romances or—more likely—a whole lot of employees are more open to office romance than they think (or will admit to).

Some people will say ‘absolutely under no circumstances should you ever date a co-worker.The phrase "don’t dip your pen in the company ink" is a well-worn cliché, and some companies are so concerned about the negative effects of office romances that they expressly prohibit workplace dating.Yet, despite this, co-workers continue to wind up in bed together, restrictions and warnings be damned.It’s unprofessional, and it blurs boundaries.’However, I’ve also read some people say that these days it makes total sense to date coworkers.

They’ve said ‘where else are you going to meet people?

So if workplace dating is such a bad idea, why do employees keep doing it?

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