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Mickie James made her official WWE debut in 2005 in a seemingly innocuous role, alongside Trish Stratus as her “biggest fan.” In a creepy turn of events, James turned out to be downright obsessed with Stratus, creating one of the more entertaining and odd feuds between the Divas.

James remained a fixture amongst Divas, racking up five WWE Women’s Championships before her exit in 2010.

Since Molly Holly’s departure from the ring, she has been on a philanthropic mission.

This former Diva is dedicating her life to good, working with youth battling substance abuse issues.

She went by many names: Lady Ophelia, Molly Holly, and Mighty Molly before returning as the iconic Molly Holly once again.

Following her wins as she became a two-time WWE Women’s Champion and one-time WWF Hardcore Champion proved equally as entertaining as her losses, like when she got hit in the face by a door to lose the Hardcore Championship – right after winning it.

This list dives in to take a look at what some of the most desirable, daring and dastardly Divas have been up to since stepping out of the ring.

Her accolades include WWE Diva of the Decade, WWE Hardcore Champion, four-time PWI Woman of the Year, and seven-time WWE Champion.

Up until her departure in 2001, Chyna set the tone for female wrestlers, as she paved the way with firsts competing against (and putting a whooping on) men. The wrestling icon appeared on numerous reality TV shows and eventually turned to a career as an adult film star.