Who is vienna girardi dating

27-Jul-2020 11:48

Her love’s name is Todd Allen, and they’ve been dating awhile, because he first began cropping up in her Instagram posts in August of 2013.

of June 2017, the mom-to-be announced her new state on her Instagram. She posted a sonogram within a heart which depicted Twin A and Twin B.

It came as a surprise since there were no reports of the 31-year-old dating anyone.

She was in intensive care for days, but her babies didn’t make it.

She narrated her ordeal and her grief in a lengthy Facebook post.

However, just 3 months after the show was aired, the couple broke up. Vienna Girardi accused Jake Pavelka of lying habitually and saying very nasty things to her after the first month of their post-Bachelor relationship. Her former lover Lee Smith had admitted that during her relationship with Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi used to send him flirty messages and also they used to exchange bodily fluids.

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Jake Pavelka also was very bitter about this relationship. Jake Pavelka had also accused Vienna of selling her version of their story to the mass media while they were still very much staying together.Todd Allen was never a part of the Bachelor franchise.