Who is sasha alexander dating

08-Jun-2020 20:21

"It was important for it to be light and bright and eclectic and that it reflected our European families and lifestyle—you know casual, sexy, but chic," Alexander says.With the exception a few touches of color in the children’s rooms (Lucia, 8, and Leonardo, 4), the trio agreed on a subdued base for the house.

Alexander, Ponti, and Stanley were all in agreeance about one thing, though: the Spanish-style home had fantastic architecture, including beautiful archways, elegant built-ins, and charming windows.

Sasha Alexander is a married woman, tied the knot with Edoardo Ponti on August 11, 2007, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ponti is the son of actress Sophia Loren and the late film producer, Carlo Ponti.

She then played a lesbian character in Greg the Bunny where she also shared an onscreen kiss with Sarah Silverman.

She made her big screen debut in 1997's Visceral Matter and following her first role in the movies she appeared in All Over the Guy, Lucky 13, Misson: Impossible III, Yes Man, Love Happens and The Girl from Nagasaki among others.

She has two children with her husband; a daughter Lucia and a son Leonardo.