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If you want to get rich quickly, marry a rich man or become a tenderprenuer or walk with God…Look, you can spread your wings, especially if you’re to live decently in this town, take up other gigs, start a clothing line or something, use your name to open other streams of income but just don’t get sucked into the image thing that will only rob you of your joy!Happy Birthday Mum, We love you and may God bless you always,” wrote Anerlisa Muigai.The owners of Keroche Breweries Ltd made headlines last week after they were arrested by the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to answer to up to 10 charges related to tax evasion amounting to Sh14.4 billion. utm_source=ig_web_copy_link VOCAL During their detention, their daughter Anerlisa remained vocal, even penning a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta begging him to intervene in her parent’s plight.So be the best role model you can be so your children have the best reference to look back on and get advice from as they grow up.Jamila puts into context how it is easy to sink into the same situation of financial ruin.It’s so much pressure already just seating on that ‘hot’ seat to deliver a good interview or the bulletin!Take control of your life cos only you know how your paycheck looks like or who your source is.

By Anerlisa, accompanied by her boyfriend Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, visited the palatial home of Tabitha Karanja and Joseph Karanja carrying a birthday cake, a bouquet of flowers and a card.She is not the only one, recently, BBC journalist Ferdinand Omondi also explained what is ailing the media personalities. Jamila Mbugua has come out to highlight the life of a media personality living in the limelight.“Here is the thing about Louis story and many other people in the lime light.They sang “happy birthday” to her as the beleaguered Keroche Breweries CEO Mrs Karanja cuts the cake.

“In the mix of everything, I remembered today is my mother’s birthday and Ben and I decided to surprise and cheer her up before she went to work this morning…

The couple was later released on a Sh10 million and Sh2 million cash bail, with the company paying Sh10 million. There are a lot of fathers out there doing it alone.