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So that made different rules and laws for me with my divorce. Sharpton came to me, he was like 'you're a little out of your league with this.' So I actually leaned on him as one of our civil rights leaders and being a smart man and being one of the closest black men to our president that you can lay your hands on. I was like, 'come help me.' SR: So he helped you out with the legal part of the divorce? Because my ex-husband is up for corruption of governmental funds and money laundering... You don't do that to no kid, you know what I'm sayin? we were in a different country with different rules. They have suspended the Constitution and made my ex-husband step down and started a new government. But it's two parts you know, the financial settlement, the divorce settlement. I was doing my own damn thing private plane riding... It was the same school he went to get his doctorate degree and that just f*cked her up. In 2008 she starred alongside Sheetal Sheth in the romance films I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen.Ray made her Indian cinematic debut in 1994 with the Tamil film Nethaji, alongside Sarath Kumar, in which she appeared in a brief role.

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Lisa Ray will be in Atlanta next week to host the Trumpet Awards. [I explained to Lisa Raye that I understood that she and Devyne would make their relationship public at Domique Wilkins' 50th birthday party at the Gold Room this past Friday because that's what I had been led to believe.] LR: Is that what he told you? We tend to lead guys on but we're not aware that we're doing it. Uh uh, I can't say that 'cause I'm too grown for that! She also anchored the TV show Star Biz on Star Movies, with actor/model Kelly Dorji.

Lisa also appeared in a desert-themed music video for the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Aafreen Aafreen, and then took an assignment to anchor a TV show.

The two got reintroduced on the set of Ginuwine’s new video for his single “Last Chance”, wherein Lisa Raye is the leading lady.

He may also be having a difficult time adjusting to a new relationship after a failed marriage.… continue reading »

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