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31-Aug-2020 22:36

," she recalled, acknowledging that this mindset led her into bad relationships.

Kim's rarely addressed her drastic change in appearance publicly, but we looked into some of the reasons for those trips to the operating room.

Her nose appeared thinner and sharper, and her eyes had once again changed shape.

There was also the hallmark tightness and paper-like quality to her skin that comes along with one too many facelifts.

But luckily for Kim, having a face like Joan Rivers doesn't affect the way you ballroom dance, and the that "Everybody who knows me knows that I reinvent myself every time that I come out officially." And Kim apparently takes this philosophy to its furthest limit, because at this point, her face is virtually unrecognizable to anyone who only remembers her from her breakout period.

event in 2016, Kim once again debuted new changes to her appearance, including a differently shaped nose and slimmer lips.

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She's the self-professed "Queen Bee of Brooklyn," and she made a name for herself by not only being able to light a mic on fire like her male counterparts, but also for her outlandish and often risque looks.

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