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There are artists who do cut pay though, James Brown was notorious for docking musicians if they did something he didn’t like, I’m sure there are others.-It was necessary for me to reestablish trust and cultivate a new environment. I was also openly challenging music industry norms. With ‘it’ went some polish, but the cause we were fighting for, creative integrity, was worth far more than a little polish to me.

-When you’re a popular artist or public figure, people can sometimes forget that you’re hiring them to perform a service, and that you’re not the one there to entertain THEM. Maybe I didn’t provide the experience that a musician may have wanted or expected during that time, but I was straight-forward, direct, and about the business at hand.

I understand this is long, but my last interview was over a decade ago…-It’s not completely informed, but he’s entitled to his perception. I hire master builders and masterful artisans and technicians who play beautifully, lend their technical expertise, and who translate the language that I provide into beautifully realized music.-These are my songs, musicians are brought in because of the masterful way that they play their instruments.

Context certainly helps though.-You may be able to make suggestions, but you can’t write FOR me. I’m definitely looking for something specific in musicians, and I absolutely do hire the best musicians I can find.

I set the tone with every band that working for fame and accolades is a different walk than fighting for personal integrity and making art that doesn’t compromise itself for money.-I’m confused as to why such a principled musician, who thought I ‘stole’ from his friends, would show up to work for me anyway.

🤔 If that was hypocrisy or opportunism instead of genuine interest, it would further explain why an artist would feel the need to put his or her guard up.-No matter how incredible the musicians who play with me are, MY name is on the marquee.

And I have handled it differently since, I’m clear and I make clear before someone walks in the door what I am and am not looking for. It did take me meeting a lot of people over a number of years to find the right musicians, but my current band has been with me for a long time, the newest members probably 2/3 years, some as long as 7/8 years now.

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I don’t think of Harriet Tubman’s skills as those of a hostess, but rather her relentless dedication to helping people who wanted out of an oppressive paradigm.#IGETOUT-People also unwilling to ‘play the game’ might have found that environment refreshing.Straight talk isn’t devoid of Love, it’s just devoid of bullsh#t.-And just to clear up an old urban legend that somehow people still believe, I do not hate white people.If fees had been negotiated and confirmed without my knowledge, I may have asked for them to be adjusted.

But I would never just cut a musician’s pay arbitrarily unless I had a legitimate reason.I do my best to Love, pursue freedom in body, Spirit and mind… To repress everything in the name of ‘getting along’ is to deny our right to healing.

Of course, all dancers are very athletic; however, Maks showed just how athletic he is by winning the 2009 event.… continue reading »

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