Who is jason varitek dating

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The Globe was actually reporting that Dell had been offered a contract extension from NESN, but the paper mentioned in passing that she lives with Middlebrooks. Jenny seems like a nice girl, and she has done a great job of continuing the Red Sox’s tradition of having extremely attractive sideline reporters.

For those of you who need confirmation of that, here are some photos.

Jason Varitek may have cemented his place in Red Sox lore when he challenged Alex Rodriguez during a July game at Fenway Park in 2004.

Varitek shoved Rodriguez in the face with his glove after A-Rod objected to being hit with a Bronson Arroyo pitch, and following the subsequent brawl (in which both Varitek and Rodriguez were ejected), the Red Sox rallied to a dramatic 11-10 victory.

On July 24, the two American League East rivals engaged in a slugfest ultimately won by Boston, 11-10 — but this one was much more than a box score.

Home Plate Umpire gets in between Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek moments before their epic brawl at Fenway Park.

" data-medium-file="https://i0com/nyynews.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/boston-red-sox-new-york-yankees-benches-clearing-brawl-fenway-park--mlb.gif? fit=300,169&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i0com/nyynews.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/boston-red-sox-new-york-yankees-benches-clearing-brawl-fenway-park--mlb.gif? fit=696,391&ssl=1" class="wp-image-839 size-full jetpack-lazy-image" src="https://i0com/nyynews.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/boston-red-sox-new-york-yankees-benches-clearing-brawl-fenway-park--mlb.gif? After being traded as a minor league prospect by the Seattle Mariners, Varitek played his entire career in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Boston Red Sox, for whom he now works as a special assistant.

A three-time All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner at catcher, as well as a Silver Slugger Award winner, Varitek was part of both the 2004 World Series and 2007 World Series Championship teams, and was viewed widely as one of the team’s leaders.

Well, a screaming match ensues, Varitek gets involved.

The picture hangs in sports bars, restaurants and man caves all over New England.

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