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14-Jul-2020 04:38

She had broken off her engagement with Kiefer Sutherland and ran off to Europe with Jason Patric, causing a disruption to his enigmatic public persona.

Jason Patric has always been a fiercely private actor — that is, until now.

"We had drinks last night and he said that was one of the best summers of his life when we did ' Lost Boys.' Twenty-five years ago," he says.

"A quarter-century later there’s Kiefer and now he’s playing my brother. Let’s just leave it at that." And while most people know Patric's grandfather as Ralph Kramden in the iconic TV series "The Honeymooners," Patric says he hardly knew Gleason at all.

Those are the people who are really that way as they’re smiling. I take my dog down to Washington Square Park a lot. I never talked about my dad growing up and I never talked about my grandfather growing up, certainly as a young actor because I wanted no nepotism whatsoever. He has nothing to do with me or my bloodline; I’m not a thoroughbred or purebred dog or something. You take a shit in a Cuisinart and put some pasties and get Auto-Tuned and look who I am. If I was a musician maybe I’d get angry about it, but it’s just like, what? So you’re known as this ladykiller: You’ve dated Julia Roberts, Christy Turlington, a bunch of others. When I was 25 or 35, “shoveling shit” in my parlance would mean doing really crappy movies, intentionally making crappy movies I didn’t want to do.

What was it like growing up with Jackie Gleason as a grandfather? I just didn’t want a paragraph written about me that had nothing to do with who I was; it was just genetic circumstance. Really, it has no bearing whatsoever but really it looks good in magazine. You were talking earlier about the evils of reality TV and bad pop culture. I mean, I had some that came out crappy, but it was never the ideal.

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Jason Patric is an American television, film, and stage actor. Born to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Academy Award-nominated actor Jason Miller and popular actress Linda Miller, Patric has been inclined towards acting since childhood.Opting for an acting career, he dropped his surname and landed his first role as the troubled son of Bruce Dern and Lee Remick in the ABC movie Toughlove (1985).