Who is gretchen from real housewives dating

18-Jul-2020 23:21

I have alot more information on this but need to make sure it is out before the reunion show. I also lived with Gretchen and still have MOST of my stuff at her house.

I refuse to go get it because Slade Smiley is staying with her.

Jeff’s ex wife, Sharon, had previously lashed against Gretchen, explaining what she and her kids really thought of her.

Gretchen has however moved on with new boyfriend/OC ‘housewives’ serial dater – Slade Smiley.

I'm going to be a dick right now.' I literally was the only one there that needed the paycheck. There are lines listed in all cast members' contracts that they cannot cross. She's in breach of contract and the cast basically said, 'Us or her.'" "Adrienne's lawyers came at Bravo with all guns blazing after Brandi began mentioning the surrogacy of her twin sons," a source said. Producers of the show spent hours going over footage and editing it out.

"It may not have been entirely Phaedra's fault, but she has to take the fall …

On the left side of the set: Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra.

I'm not going to pretend even spending this much time on a domestic dispute is classy – but I'm also not going to pull a Tamra and do moral grandstanding. My real question is: Now that Gretchen is even less of a housewife, will return for season five?

The entire cast and Andy [Cohen] agreed Phaedra would not be coming back next season. She's considered a liability and will not be returning.