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Hu Yong, an Internet expert from Peking University, said that "the public opinion molders have already penetrated different layers of Chinese society", he found public opinion watchmen that deal with negative information on the forums in tourist city's airport and county-level middle school.

It was created during the early phases of the Internet's rollout to the wider public in China.

The name derives from the allegation that commentators are said to be paid fifty cents (in Renminbi) for every post, They create favourable comments or articles on popular Chinese social media networks that are intended to derail discussions that are unhelpful to the Communist Party and that promote narratives that serve the government's interests, together with disparaging comments and misinformation about political opponents and critics of the Chinese government, both domestic and abroad.

In March 2005, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China enacted a systematic censorship of Chinese college bulletin board systems.

The popular "Little Lily" BBS, run by Nanjing University, was forced to close.Large Chinese websites and local governments have been requested to publish the sayings of Hu, and select "comrades with good political quality" to form "teams of Internet commentators" by the CPC Central Committee ( In one instance described on the China Digital Times, the Jiaozuo (Henan) City Public Security Bureau established a mechanism to analyse public opinion after criticism of the police handling of a traffic incident appeared on the Internet.