White man dating indian woman

06-Feb-2020 04:30

It was if most of them were looking for reasons for our relationship to fail instead of figuring out how to make it work.

I think the bottom line is that most American women I dated had no intention of putting in the hard work necessary to make a relationship work and instead relied on some false idea that there exists some Prince Charming out there who will do all of the hard work required to make a relationship work for them.

The caveats are: most of them are "taken" pretty quickly due to the nature of their culture...

But that's also one of the reasons they are so desirable; they have an affinity for raising a respectable family.

Why not list what it is you liked about your wife and disliked about the other previous candidates instead of limiting it on ethnicity?

To answer your question more directly; look up Indian community events in your area.

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