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We fully support the ETS and indeed we’re amongst the first to argue that the ETS could be used as a source of funding to enable technologies to be delivered.

We argue that this is actually one of the core purposes of the ETS – it has two purposes: Given that carbon prices remain relatively low, it has been much less effective at the second objective.

Fundamentally, the NER300 structure was far too restrictive for first-of-a-kind projects – across a range of technologies – which it attempted to support.

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We have to give credit to the Norwegian CO storage facility, Sleipner, which has excelled using a particular set of circumstances that have been difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Our core objective is to give advice to the Commission, Council, and to Parliament.

Therefore, a good deal of what we do is driven by what it is that policymakers would like to understand.

For instance, the countries involved can ensure the amendment implemented, but we should seek to ensure that the amendment is widely in force, enabling CO to move internationally.

Firstly, we need to take action on the innovation fund in a way which is different from the way in which we have done these things in the past.

I would argue that a core issue has arisen from the directive in the form of liability.