What to say in sex chat

22-Sep-2020 11:06

Yes, outside of marriage, cyber-sex and phone sex are sinful.

Recommended Resource: Every Man's Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Purity One Victory at a Time by Stephen Arterburn.

That lets a woman know she is desired.” Related: The 4 Steps to Giving Her Multiple Orgasm During couples counseling sessions, Jaiya reads off a list of erotic words, and asks the woman to raise her hand with one in particular that arouses her.

What she consistently finds: Females choose “cock” over “penis,” “prick,” or “dick.” “Dick is more derogatory, like, ‘He’s a dick,’ or it’s a joke word,” she says.

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When Jaiya does the sexual trigger words exercise with couples, “almost everyone will raise their hands on hot pocket,” she says.

But yell (or whisper) your partner’s name when you’re in the throes of passion. D., a sex therapist in Philadelphia and author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.