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In Episode 3 of season 1, we learn that Vera has a boyfriend called Adam, but it then turns in later episodes that he is imaginary.In episode 4 it is suggested that she has feelings for Matthew Fletcher that most of the staff already know about, although Vera denies it.Sean points a gun to everyone, and threatens to shoot Vera.

Vera later bumps into Rita and tells her something about Ruby, and seen with her again telling Vera that he is seeing Marie go with him all the time, Vera fluffs it off as it happens because she's top dog, but Rita says "during the night though?She also sets up Brenda Murphy for letting Bea Smith have access to kill Ferguson.In Season 5 Vera saves Joan from being lynched by the other prisoners.Vera is seen in episode 5 walking around the prison, until she spots the security cameras have been moved, Vera goes to check it out and she finds Kaz's body, Vera then turns detective and calls the memorial for Kaz a bad idea, while Vera is helping the detectives she finds that Marie had a jumper on at one stage and took it off and is shut down by Will, is seen with Greg when he says that Liz may have done it, later Vera speaks with Greg again and says that Liz should've stayed in medical. Vera in episode 7, informs Rita that the doctors need to operate immediately and Rita asks if she can go and see her, but Vera says she'll speak to Will about it, Vera then grills Will about why he released Marie from the slot so early and says that just because Marie is grieving her son its not a good look for drugs to be seen.

Vera informs Rita that she cannot see Ruby as Will has denied the request, and when Rita goes to jump the fence, she gets caught in it and Vera radioes for help telling Rita not to move.During this time, she seemed to be stressed with the job itself, as well as the issues surrounding the prison.