Vtp client not updating

11-Nov-2019 09:14

This occurs whether the switch is a VTP client or a VTP server.

A VTP client can erase VLAN information on a VTP server.

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somehow ithe client is communicating with VTP server. MD5 digest failing Both of these Switches are 3560s.

For Ethernet VLANs, you can also configure the standard parameters in Table 6-1.

The maximum transmission unit (packet size, in bytes) that the VLAN can use; valid values are from 576 to 18190.

When you create a VLAN, you have many options to consider.

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Many options are valid only for FDDI and Token Ring VLANs.

Some of the items configured deal with options, such as private VLANs, which are discussed in other sections in this book.