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For example, using English, you may write "1234" or "1,234"; both are integer values, but the grouping is optional.

In German, you'd write "1.234", and in French, "1 234".

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Both a result set containing the valid codes as a result set containing the invalid codes will be outputted. These codes can be anything: passwords, postalcodes, e-mail addresses, creditcard numbers, and much more.

Simply enter one or code or upload a file with multiple codes and select the desired validation.

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In such cases, it doesn't simply strip the validator, but instead validates that the correct separator as defined by the locale is used. The following options are supported for Using a locale is more convenient as zend-validator already knows the appropriate postal code format for each locale; however, you need to use the fully qualified locale (one containing a region specifier) to do so.

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