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19-May-2020 17:53

The scenarios will include identified skills while allowing for assessment of patient, interpreting of patient data and managing the patient.The scenario will include multiple mini-scenarios which will allow for the staff to progress in meeting the complexity of the competencies being measured.Debriefing will be conducted as an opportunity for participants to reflect on actions and take corrective on any key element missed during the simulation exercise.Step 7: Statistical analysis will be conducted on the data to evaluate the effectiveness of using simulation to measure the nurses level of competency.

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Step 2: Development of simulation scenario(s) by educators with expertize in simulation scenario development and adult medical surgical nursing.

C-CEI is a validated quantitative evaluation tool used to evaluate participants' performance in a clinical simulated environment; and focuses on 23 general nursing behaviors divided into four categories: assessment, communication, clinical judgement, and patient safety.

A panel of nurse educators will use the C-CEI to determine what is expected as performance criteria for each of the 23 general behaviors based on the simulation scenario, using the C-CEI discussion worksheet provided by the creators of the tool.

Trained instructors will conduct the simulation by following strict guidelines for sequence of events and responses.

Each participant will be given the same time frame to accomplish as many steps as possible.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.