Validating domain trusts rpc error

03-Oct-2020 09:54

The file's contents are not as useful or trustworthy when they stand on their own.

For practical reasons, it may be undesirable to serve the file from your main domain, so you MAY use any number of subdomains.

If you issue any assets, tokens, or currencies in the XRP Ledger, you can provide information about them in the The (case-sensitive) ticker symbol of this currency in the XRP Ledger.

This can be a three-digit code, a 40-character hex code, or a custom format (for clients that know how to represent the non-standard code in the XRP Ledger).

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If omitted, client applications SHOULD assume that there is a trailing slash implied.The plain HTTP protocol is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks; for example, some internet services have been known to modify contents retrieved over plain HTTP to inject their own advertisements.