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My cap has three gold stripes and a coloured jewel but the barrel has a black section and a black jewel in the blind cap.This suggests the cap on mine is from a high end pen and the barrel is from a low end pen. This, along with the colour and the lockdown filler, puts the date of manufacture of the pen as between 19. It’s a two-tone nib, which from what I can tell is a feature of the high end range from around this era. It’s also marked, from tip to base, “18k Parker Vacumatic”. I picked mine up last year, knowing nothing about it’s date or model. These look like a New York skyline at night and, as well as being pretty, give Vacumatics a romantic and nostalgic aura.The rarer colors (especially Mandarin Yellow) are highly collectible today.The Duofold line would be de-emphasized in the 1930s in favor of the new Vacumatic line, introduced around 1932.The clip is quite strong, even after all these years. Of course the defining feature of the Vacumatic is the filling system.

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In addition, the barrel itself was made with colorful celluloid with transparent lines that allowed the writer to see the ink level in the barrel.If you have any ideas about the age or model of this pen, please do let me know!

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