Updating statistics in oracle

20-Aug-2020 06:50

In other words, I want to assign a temporary password when I create the user and force the user to change it on their first login...

When a SQL statement is executed, the database must convert the query into an execution plan and choose the best way to retrieve the data.

How did Oracle know that it was going to process 100 rows. The optimizer uses these statistics to generate execution plans.

The optimizer program uses statistics on tables and on the indexes surrounding those tables, so it's important to have statistics on both.

For every 10000 records I want to update the indexs on the table for optimization (update statistics ). Also what is SQL Server "UPDATE STATISTICS" equivalent in Update statistics means index optimization or gatehring statistics. After enabling it Oracle will build a good index on the data you just loaded.

You can COALESCE an index to eliminate adjacent empty blocks, and you can REBUILD an index to completely trash and recreate it.

Once obtained, can i force oracle to use a particular sql id which was performing better ? Hi, I would like to fing whats the best way to allow user to truncate table that is own by some one else thru forms on-line basis.