Updating rpm

14-Sep-2019 11:38

This guide gives a good overall indication as to how YUM works.However, it only scratches the surface of all the possible usages of YUM.After reading this post you will know which services need to be restarted after updating one or more RPM packages.

The official Cent OS repositories contain thousands of RPM packages which can be installed using the yum command line utility.

So if something goes wrong, you can always fall back to the previous tree.

The previous tree is available as a bootloader entry; to access the previous tree, hold down SHIFT during OS bootup and select the fallback tree in the bootloader menu.

If you boot into the new tree and determine that something is wrong, you can invoke .

One of the major goals of the OSTree project is that operating system content should be versioned and integration tested together.Some older versions of My SQL Server RPM packages have names in the form of My SQL-* (for example, My SQL-server-* and My SQL-client-*).