Updating open office

18-Feb-2020 06:47

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These should be taken to assure that you have a clean install of Apache Open Office due to internal considerations and/or the installation of Libre Office, if it exists, on your system.and is located in /opt/Open Office4/program/ A softlink is created on your /usr/local/bin/ directory.You can always map to the original at /opt/ if it doesnt start for whatever reason.The Linux downloads provided on the Apache Open Office site (mirrors) are generic for either the RPM- or DEB-based package managers.If you are experienced with the Windows operating system, you can use the instructions provided in the next section.Otherwise, skip to Comprehensive Installation Instructions section.

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Note: Please check carefully before using a third-party build that it does actually include all the parts of Apache Open Office that you will require.

However, you may still need a JRE for full functionality. Please ensure that your system has at least Java 1.6 installed for full functionality.