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06-Sep-2020 13:39

Quotes (') and Double-Quotes (") - Where and When to use them Mary Assuming Owner is a text field you will need the single quotes.

When you create a pivot table in a worksheet, after dragging the fields to the Values list in the Pivot Table Field List, you may get all the same Count function as following screenshot shown.

I am using oracle database and have a situations to update fields from some other tables.

My issue is it is updating all the records instead of specified conditions.

But is it possible to 'dynamically' update the columns in Table1 with Table2. In my solution I added a foreign key to Table1 (Table1Id).

By the way - are you sure that you can join both tables by Id?

with t2Pivot as ( select Table1Id, Engine, Transmission, Exhaust, Axle from ( select Table1Id, Name, Value from Table2 ) as s pivot ( min(Value) for Name in (Engine, Transmission, Exhaust, Axle) ) as p ) update t1 set Engine = isnull(t2.

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If you just want to do it, then PEB's answer helps you to do it easily.If Application Assuming it's a text field and you will need the single quotes.