Updating ipod do not disconnect

22-Nov-2019 09:04

click it and wait until THE IPOD says you can disconnect Start by using the IPod USB connection to connect your i Pod Nano to your computer system.If you don't have the Itunes installed in your system, please visit apple website and download from there.Next you can register your ipod to recieved updates. To transfer apps to another i Pod this is what you have to do: Connect your i Phone into your MAC or PC and i Tunes should pop-up (if it doesn't it means you've disabled it to do so, so open it up yourself).

Do not disconnect it until you have clicked eject on your computer, or it could have a problem with it.However, if it is not hooked up to your computer, there may be something seriously wrong with it. "Xtreme500's i Pod" there should be a symbol that looks like a triangle above a straight line.If it is connected, disconnect it Switch it off, and then on again Hold down the select button (the centre botton) while also pressing the top of the wheel (the Menu part). Click the symbol and wait till on your i Pod screen, a bar appears and it says OK to Disconnect.Then, connect your i Pod and it will ask if you want to burn them onto the i Pod. Different generations of i Pods have different ways to reset them.

Answer yes and click the song or songs you would like to burn. When it is over disconnect it and you are finished. If your i Pid freezes like that, the best thing to do is to reset it. this will be because you have disk use enabled, which this is selected you have to manually eject your ipod each time (hit the eject button in itunes by your ipod on the left) or turn disk use off this option is available by clickon on your ipod(on the left) and then un ticking the enable disk use button.

Somewhere in the process, it will say on your i Pod screen "Syncing" and you will not disconnect your i Pod attachment cord leading to your computer.