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18-Aug-2020 02:49

The voice - we call her the contessa - never gives me a hard time when I screw up on the road.Instead she goes to work and recalculates the best route from my current posn. At night in Miami for example the contessa helped us through some rough neighborhoods and we managed to get to Ocean Drive without any mishaps.When we first got the device it flat out didn't work 8-(...It was "pre-owned new" and refused to take my address inputs; instead it kept trying to guide me to a state penitentiary in Tennessee...With its full capabilities, you have the freedom to go anywhere on the North American continent with confidence, including locations such as Puerto Rico, when you have the Magellan Road Mate 1440 Navigator GPS set up in your vehicle.The maps and software included with the Magellan Road Mate 1440 GPS contain maps of North America, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and you can also save map updates that are available.In addition, its bold display screen delivers the ability to use the GPS’s menu and applications that you have stored quickly and intuitively, saving you unnecessary hassles while driving.

The One Touch favorites menu in this Magellan Road Mate GPS makes it easy to save, search, and select home or favorite spots on the map, from restaurants to service locations.The multi-destination trip feature doesn't seem to work without user intervention to start each leg.

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