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07-Sep-2020 15:07

The main Zenbu for Craft page has also been updated with more straight-to-the-point listing of features. Thank you to everyone who has purchased, tested, reported bugs for, and praised Zenbu.

Look forward to that little badge shining in the Craft Control Panel again in the near future! It was long overdue, but Hokoku 2 for EE3 has been released! All of the great features found in the EE2 version are back in this version.

Hokoku 1 suffered from an issue with filenames in which filenames set up with date/time variables that would change over time (eg.

%s) would create many small export files instead of the expected one big export file.

Need support for a specific fieldtype but the original developer won’t do it (or won’t do it soon)?

I’m open to contract work to add third-party field support for you. If you have an old license of Zenbu, enter it as a coupon code on checkout and get 50% off your purchase of Zenbu for EE4.

have issues using zenbustudio.com, please do not hesitate to let me know by contacting me. Do YOU need to clean up or update your Expression Engine©- or Craft-powered site?

I at Zenbu Studio have extensive experience fixing and cleaning up dozens, no…

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It was a long time coming, but it’s finally here, Zenbu for Expression Engine 4 is now available!About third-party fieldtypes, it’s unfortunately impossible for me to add support for all third-party fieldtypes out in the EE ecosystem.As it has been for many years now, will have to add support for Zenbu, in particular for addons that rely on their own database tables to pull data from.Here’s a simple example: the ID column displays the entry ID, but if you set the A handful of updates have been been released for Zenbu and Hokoku addons.

EE2 users will be happy to hear the EE2 versions of these addons have also received some updates, and a copy is available within the EE3 version of the addon.In addition, makes it easier to add some often requested features, some of which go as far back as the EE version of Zenbu: Another handy addition is the ability to apply Zenbu’s display settings to the native Craft entry listing, for those who want the display flexibility of Zenbu, but still want to stick to the native Craft entry listing. One big-ticket item is to add the ability to better handle 3rd-party and less-known/unknown fieldtypes (there’s an undocumented hook that can be used in a pinch but something better should be available). Finally, bulk handling of entries is still another feature that many, including myself, would like to see.