Updating eclipse ganymede

06-Oct-2019 14:07

) just wont fix and the others were such hit and miss affairs.

In theory, all you need to do is add in the update site as detailed on the Polarian site Update Sites – Direct your Eclipse update manager to both the following update sites…

Download Galileo 3.5, tutorial still valid : Preferences After selecting the Android Preferences on the left side click the Browse button next to the SDK Location Row Point it to the Directory where you downloaded your android sdk.

point it to the android-sdk-windows folder, then Click Apply Then go into your Android SDK and AVD Manager Click New…

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So in a nutshell, if you downloaded Ganymede, you will be on a less-frequent release schedule than if you downloaded from the individual project sites?I had installed the Java EE flavor of Ganymede, so I didn't need to install WTP 3.0.1, but rather update it.I posted on the Eclipse site, and someone mentioned that before trying to update packages, you probably first have to enable the webtools update site.The other two options just sit there spinning its wheels and does nothing; I eventually kill the process.

I use my proxy settings in Firefox and IE, so I know the proxy settings are accurate.

I've noticed that the WTP version in Eclipse Ganymede has a lot of new features, but also that it's buggy.