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Don't take it as gospel, but that's what I was told. Update 2: A Google rep emailed me about 16 hours after my initial call saying: I'll be more than happy with looking into your authorized devices.

Are there any immediate circumstances that would require you to frequently authorize / deauthorize your devices (repairing or exchanging your laptops/tablets/phones)?

It isn't clear if Google is being smarter about the device list now, but some people are reporting it has started detecting devices by IMEI, which should ideally stop the dupes.

We will see about that, but I'm still not thrilled about potentially losing access to my music after four new devices in a year.

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I suppose this might last the rest of the year, when I'll be able to remove four devices. Google's Support docs make no mention of a way to get Google to reset the limit on an individual basis. Even Apple can manually fix i Tunes authorization limits.

We're going to continue investigating this and will update with any new information we get.

Right-click on the title and select Find album info.Perhaps you recall back in 2012 when Google caught some flack for its 10-device limit on Play Music access with only four deauthorizations per year.It was forced to backpedal and allow users to deauthorize unlimited devices, and all was well with the world. It looks like Google has started enforcing a limit of four deauthorizations per year once again.Support docs and the Play Music settings list the limit.

That means even regular users could suddenly find themselves unable to use All Access or get to their own stored tunes.Almost everyone who has been using Google Play Music for any length of time will have a ton of old and duplicated devices in their list. As of now, it looks like those deathorizations count against you.