Updating a bios for a k8m890m

23-Dec-2019 03:26

Your computer's basic input/output system—or BIOS—lives in a small chip on your motherboard, and manages the most basic instructions that allow your computer to boot into an operating system.From time to time, your PC's manufacturer may offer updates to the BIOS with certain improvements. In general, you shouldn't need to update your BIOS that often.However, while on the phone it powered up normally. I found a 'fix' by unchecking 'Turn on fast start-up' in the System Settings.I didn't realise at the time, but this is because it had been powered off all night. Or keeping fast start-up on, but telling the PC to never turn off the hard drives.This was a mystery in itself and I was going to write this post concerning that anyway, but today it's just happened without the Ext. ----- Here is the longer version with a bit of history of what's happened since I got this PC back in June.I won't name the company that built my PC for me, but while I'm not a technophobe, I don't feel confident with PCs and they've caused me all manner of stress over the years and my PC know-how is fairly limited, so I decided to have a company build me a custom gaming PC as opposed to building it myself.(If you built your own PC, you'll want to search for the motherboard manufacturer, like Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI.) Then, find the support page for your specific PC by searching for the model number or serial number, which you can often find somewhere on the device.Once you've found the Support page, there should be a section for downloads or drivers. Download the latest one and check the instructions it came with.

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Instead of rebooting your machine, you can just double-click the update program, and it'll run through the reboot-and-update process for you.

You'll generally have to go through one of two processes.

On many PCs (especially older ones), you'll need to format a flash drive, copy the new BIOS file to it, and reboot your computer, pressing a key to enter the BIOS setup (usually Delete, F2, or some other key you'll see on-screen at boot).

The PC will then restart, and I'll get the same message.

This happens 4 times in total, before going to the Windows loading ASUS ROG logo screen then into Windows.However, they've not been completely helpful with this problem, trying to blame Windows or anything else but never taking responsibility.

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