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A contractile vacuole is commonly found, but appears to be (juite absent in some groups (Mycetozoa, Kadiolaria, most Foraminifera) ; in other cases more than one may be present. In cases in which hsemorrhages occur the enema should be injected cold, but for routine use it is to be given at a temperature of from l OO" to 102° F. in t Avo ounces of starch mucilage may be injected. Di-arrlueal Diseases of Infancy, 1904 (Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research). Hansen and Kblmer have described them ;\s occurring in the blood, and Leloir found them in that fluid in one case out of five examined. Whether this is another manifesta- tion of the granuloma described here may be doubted. — The disease may exist for many years, and apart from the results of local complications does not affect the general health. Yaws is preceded by some febrile symptoms ; these are rare in the sore.

In such cases the nuclei of a given individual are similar and equivalent to one another, and not differentiated in structure or function. 'I’he fluid is to be introduced ■slowly through a long Avell-oiled rectal tube of large diameter, from a receptacle not more than three feet above the patient’s bed. In the trophoneurotic cases it is exceedingly rare, except in certain nerves. A condition limited to the miicous membrane of the last ])art of the rectum, and not involving the skin, is faiily common, and is often mistaken for dysenter}’’ on the one hand, and for syphilitic disease of the rectum on the other. From yaws it can be readily distinguished by remembering that yaws is almost limited to the coloured or negro races, while oriental sore attacks all I'aces alike.

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In Sarcodina which have a shell or test the protoplasm is withdrawn into it during the resting phases. I have also resorted to turpentine witli castor oil in smaller, repeated doses, as a stimulant and antiseptic in the treatment of gangrenous dysentery when ipecacuanha had failed, and with apparent benefit in some instances. In a few cases only have they been seen in the discharge from ulcers of amesthetic lepers. When confined to the glans penis the growth is frequently diagnosed as squamous - celled carcinoma, but in any case of doubt the removal and microscopic examina- tion of a portion of the tissue will speedily settle this point. Complete excision including the subjacent dense fibrous tissue is the only certain method of cure, but yet leaves a wound much larger than the portion excised. \aws leaves no scar, bnt oriental sore necessarily does so. A cross-cut of nearly 100 years of American movies. See full summary » Classic hard rock band Raging Kings is making a new record.We see the most precious film sequences that we all remember: From "Citizen Kane" to "Star Wars", from "Some like it hot" to "E. Talented session guitarist Mc Queen is called in to replace their disgruntled band member for one recording session. On a cold winter evening a young manager gets stuck in traffic on his way home from work.He is a professional waiter and has an equally-dull girlfriend, Emma. See full summary » Hurrying down the platform to catch a train in New York's Grand Central Terminal, a well-off white woman bumps into a black man, and as a result, the woman not only misses her train but also her wallet.


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