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29-Sep-2019 05:27

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Having got over my desperation, I've understood never to put a group of women (or a woman) on a pedestal and to look at people for who they are - lining up dates now is a whole lot easier. :)Pretty sure those dating sites suffer the same problem. Please check my other comment - this post is a warning for many guys who might up doing the same thing.I've had friends swear by things like mamba or even Slando (?!?! They showed me their profiles, I took one glance and determined that they were just as bad. As I've before, I've moved on and now see fully the error of my just to have some friends in Ukraine.I am glad however, you learned something from all this. We might be poorer, but we aren't desperate and pathetic. Trim the neckbeard, drop the fedora, shower, and grow a pair to take a shot at getting yourself laid or dating someone. Ukraine is in the midst of a defacto war with Russia. I have after going on sites to find the woman of dreams I have found my love ,a lady from the ukraine, After coming across many scammers i now feel my honest efforts were worth the search.Wrong place to cry about how bad Ukrainian women are, and how marvelous foreigners like you deserve a medal and endless affection/blowjobs for saving them from a miserable life with us drunk, ugly Ukrainian men. Even though my honesty was abused by scammers,all i wanted was love,real love! Most women ESPECIALLY women of the Ukraine seek love, honesty,respect, and compatability like all women do, Now the biggest problem is the war there,and the joining of our lives together,having finally met and successfully corresponding , now the fear of losing her to the tragedies there.Many of them are beautiful, kind and generous, just like many other ladies around the world.Go out there for a few months and learn about their culture and background.

I am thankfully over that stage of folly in my life and am currently seeing a very cute girl (non-Russian/Ukrainian) who lives close to me.Note: this post was originally a reply to a deleted post on reddit about a guy who was looking for a Ukrainian wife.So, for the benefit of every guy who's looking to do the same but is too embarrassed to talk about it, here's my sad story about trying to meet Russian/Ukrainian women.Or, meet with Russians and Ukrainians in the states - there are quite a lot of them I believe.

Fellow Redditors, please don't make the mistakes I've made.

The story begins when I paid a matchmaker several hundred dollars to help me find a life partner. I met a few (very few) women, who simply didn't seem interested. Apart from not being that attractive myself, the whole deal seems to have been a scam. Loads of apparently empty profiles set up by the site to boost traffic and use up your credits.