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16-May-2020 03:47

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But would Azov even need to do well in an election to gain control?There’s not about to be dramatic Azov-led coup d’état in Ukraine (even the most critical observers of the country’s far right aren’t convinced the movement has the resources to make it happen anytime soon).They make Hitler salutes and “Sieg Heil” chants behind closed doors. Serhiy Zaikovsky, an Azov member and literature club organizer whom Haaretz met alongside Semenyaka, says the movement even has Jewish members.Members even muse that some Jews would not be allowed to stay in Ukraine if they ever seized power. Yet his literature club features slick little postcards for sale, branded in the club’s black-and-red color scheme (Ukrainian nationalist colors), bearing the names and stylized portraits of authors and figures Azov thinks Ukrainians – especially young Ukrainians – should know more about.

Under his watch, former Patriot of Ukraine associates have found themselves in positions of power, like the current deputy minister of internal affairs, Vadym Troyan. Semenyaka herself is appearing at an event this weekend just outside of Dresden – around the time of year neo-Nazis regularly commemorate victims of the February 1945 bombings there – hosted by Germany’s ultranationalist National Democratic Party of Germany, alongside a concert by a German neo-Nazi band.Upstairs, overlooking a courtyard that hosts concerts during less snowy times of year, is a literature club with a classroom and small library.