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07-May-2020 21:33

So she's taking care of them and Carlisle "adopted" Alice, Emmett, and Edward. Alice was changed by James, and Jasper was changed by Maria.

Rosalie kept her human name because she never wanted to be a vampire, so she wanted to stay some what "connected" to her human life so she kept the last name Hale. James was Victoria's mate in Twilight and killed and dismembered by the Cullens after he tried to kill Bella.

Nothing is known about how Alice was changed or who was responsible for it.

All that is known is that she had spent sometime in a mental institution (and its implied that she had her ability to forsee the future even before she was changed.) Rosalie's last name is Hale, Jasper's last name is Whitlock.

Due to this, decisions made in real spur of the moment cannot be foreseen.

A lot of people say they're twins - I dont agree because Rosalie is grade above Jasper and is older.

I don't understand why Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Alice and Emmett have the last name Cullen but Rosalie and Jasper have the last name.

I thought Emmett and Rosalie were officialy married.

Alice later are out she are born around in Biloxi, Mississippi and was committed into an asylum because she had premonitions.

She is only able to see the outcome of a cullen once it is made.thaat's just my guess:) Okay I was confused about this too until I read the books over... So Rosalie is beautiful and blonde and so is Jasper.