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Context: Pediatric management of patients with Turner syndrome focuses on height, frequently resulting in a delay of pubertal induction.

The influence of pubertal management on psychosocial adjustment and sex life has not been evaluated in Turner syndrome patients.

Pubertal development must be induced by drug treatment in girls with Turner syndrome presenting primary ovarian failure.

Many studies have considered the effects of this management of puberty on height (9, 10), but little is known of its effects on the initiation of sexual activity and its impact on psychosocial functioning.

Height and height gain due to GH treatment had no effect on outcomes.

Conclusions: Puberty should be induced at a physiologically appropriate age in patients with Turner syndrome to optimize self-esteem, social adjustment, and initiation of the patient’s sex life.

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The factors determining the onset of sexuality in humans are poorly characterized, and attention has mostly focused on behavioral, environmental, and psychosocial determinants (16).

Age at first sexual intercourse was related to age at puberty and paternal socioeconomic class.

Delayed induction of puberty had a long-lasting effect on sex life.

In contrast, height or height gain from treatment had no influence (11).

Other aspects of psychosocial functioning, such as self-esteem and social adjustment, have not been systematically evaluated in patients with Turner syndrome (12–15).Therapeutic interventions altering normal pubertal development in other groups of patients should be reconsidered in light of these findings.