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06-Jan-2020 12:01

We share an undying passion with our riders for seeking the perfect custom ride, as evidenced by the custom showcase and hand painted tank display at our Factory Visitor Experience in Hinckley, which opened in 2017.

As well as exciting Triumph specials from custom builders around the world, the Factory Visitor Experience hosts many examples of our own factory team’s creative and engineering passion; from the smallest touches to the most breathtaking transformations.

Both displaying stunning custom engineering innovation, exquisite curves and an aesthetic that showcased the incredible potential of in-house custom Triumph builds.

These beautiful creations only intensified our passion for customizing, and TFC1 and TFC2 heralded the beginning of an exciting new approach to Triumph factory customs.

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The first of the TFC lineup and the new definitive sports classic representing the pinnacle of its kind; the Thruxton TFC is an ultra-limited edition premium motorcycle with a new level of category-dominating performance, engineering, technology and incredible attention to detail.They are built by five-man production teams at Harris' Newton Abbot site.The engine was based on the pre-electric start Bonnie, with a TSS-type crankshaft.This ethos for creativity and personalization enables a whole new generation of Triumph owners to create their own custom motorcycle while maintaining all the stunning beauty and authentic character of a performance motorcycle.

It’s this enthusiasm that we notably embraced for ourselves in 2014.

New Triumph company initially examines the Phoenix ('Diana') engine as the basis of a new line, but is soon dropped in favour of a modular three- and four-cylinder design.