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25-Nov-2019 00:09

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Successful businessmen looking for attractive travel companions for singles are more than happy to invite the right company on their trip in order to make more of their precious free time.As fun as travelling in style is, it is even better with the right company!Instead of meeting for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant, our members choose to date while traveling in luxury, staying in the best hotels and indulging in the finest dining.Many successful businessmen love traveling and take every opportunity they have to get away from work for a couple of days.You can add your own companion wanted posting by filling in the form box Option3 when registering (its free! If you have registered, then log-in and update your profile.Only postings that have been updated during the last 3 months are displayed.I am also open to any other sports (klimbing , surfing) and like to explore Always open to new experiences.

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So why should you if you have the disposable income?

Miss Travel provides a unique way for wanderlusts to explore the world.

Our community is made up of real people interested in seeing the world and sparking new connections.

You are not going to get much response by just saying something like 'yes a companion would be nice'! No idea where I want to travel, but I camp and hike and appreciate the simple things in life.

Totally open to a travel partner who ever you are or where ever your from is all good with me, as long as your open minded who likes a deep thinker who also likes to listen.Perth from the 26/08/19 Hi all! I don't care if you're male/female, I just want some kind and chill companions!! Id like to travel somewhere I can practice Stand up Paddle Boarding as I fall off a lot!Travel companions for singles are attractive young women who have a passion for travelling and exploring, but not always the financial means to spend big on their trips.

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