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The transgender community is symbolized by a pride flag which consists of pink and blue horizontal stripes on both ends, symbolizing transition.

Another symbol for transgender people is the butterfly symbolizing metamorphosis.

DSM-V labels transsexual people Gender Dysphoric, a label contested by many trans people who say the problem is physical, not mental.

Typically medical and/or surgical intervention to align one's sex and gender aids in feeling of dysphoria The distinction (and lack thereof) between transgender and transsexual The word transgender historically (as well as within the context of this essay) refers to people who defy societal expectations regarding gender.


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The etiquette of talking with transgender people isn't really different from talking with cis-gendered people.

Individuals who are transgender and transsexual do not identify with the sex and/or gender constructs they were born into.

People who are transgender feel a disconnect between their own internal concept of their gender and the gender roles made by their society.

Depending on the person's state or country of residence, a legal change of name or gender change may be allowed only if the individual is diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GIS) indicating distress.


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Prior to making these legal changes, a letter from the physician to confirm the diagnosis may be required.Transgender people of all kinds, including transsexual people, can be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or asexual.