Tools for risk analysis updating the 2016 who guidelines

01-Oct-2020 07:08

Ongoing user feedback helps identify needs and opportunities for future updates.

The updated ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus uses up-to-date ACC clinical policy and user feedback to help a clinician and patient build a customized risk lowering plan by estimating and monitoring change in 10 year ASCVD risk.

The new app also has an updated design consistent with ACC's clinical app portfolio.

ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus maintains the core functionality of the original ASCVD Risk Estimator (e.g., users can still directly calculate a patient's 10-year ASCVD risk via the Pooled Cohort Equation and review guideline recommendations on statin initiation).

However, the app is intended to guide decision-making around ABCS in the context of, and in addition to, recommended lifestyle interventions.

Benefit from lifestyle intervention is reflected in the App's risk calculation through the "credit" given for improvement of a patient's LDL-C and systolic blood pressure, regardless of how that improvement was achieved.

Feedback is used to ensure the app's accuracy and to identify opportunities for improving the app's user experience and to inform the ACC Mobile App Framework.