The shift from dating to hooking up in college

19-Jun-2020 05:34

“It used to be that guys slept with whoever they wanted to and women were looking for relationships,” Herrera said.

“Now I’ve seen a shift where guys are looking to be exclusive and women more commonly have more than one partner.” Lester added that hookups have become more common and far less people are looking for relationships.

Monroy explained how almost all of the girls he’s ever met, he met online.

He told a story about a date that led to him to delete Tinder entirely.

“I don’t reach out to other[s] except on social media.

My dating pool primarily came from Tinder and Bumble,” Amanda said.

He showed up, but he was super tipsy,” she said, laughing.

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But eventually, she changed her mind, “ [they’re] dating.” Dating in college is made out to be this super dynamic thing.“I wasn’t looking to date anyone, but it just sort of happened,” said Alejos, leaning back in her chair.

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