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One made his way into the camp of the plains Tau, exuding a quiet authority that no Tau was able to resist.Soon, the leader of the plains warriors was persuaded to parley with the settled Tau of Fio'taun.During this time, the Tau's legends tell of the first appearance of the Ethereals at the city of Fio'taun.The fortress city of Fio'taun was under assault by the Tau warriors from the plains.Several intelligent alien races (the Kroot, Vespid, Nicassar, Demiurg and even some humans who have turned their backs on the Imperium, known as Gue'vesa in the Tau Lexicon) have allied themselves with the Tau.

For five long Tau years the inhabitants held off the savage assaults with their thick walls and plentiful cannons.The Ethereals spoke of the importance of peace and understanding between all Tau.

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