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31-Dec-2019 09:22

buy this book » Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy by Ken Page Lose weight. guides us to discover our own Core Gifts and then teaches us to extricate these gifts from the wounds that keep them buried, empowering us to express them with courage, generosity, and discrimination in our dating life.When we do this, something miraculous happens: we begin to attract people who love us for who we really are, we become more self-assured and emotionally available, and we lose our taste for relationships that chip away at our self-esteem.

We’ve been abandoned or taken advantage of, and left with little to show for what we’ve given. Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer solid guidance for making safe choices in relationships, from friendships to romance.She approaches the dating process as a means for awakening, reminding us that when we live by spiritual rules, we bring curiosity and a light heart to the romantic journey.

A year before, he started his You Tube channel to pursue his online career.… continue reading »

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