Tfs generate list of changesets and updating work items

08-Apr-2020 18:45

If you are also using TFS for your Work Item tracking, the visibility Release Management provides is borderline unmatched.

All things considered, while it may be uncomfortable for people to even consider leaving Jenkins, we should at least explore alternative possibilities.

For many people using Jenkins, a Job is responsible for Building & Releasing code.

When first getting started with Jenkins, this setup makes perfect sense and for many people it gets the job done.

Jenkins, out of the box, performs all work on a single server\node.

Further, in a purely Microsoft based shop, the benefits are quite clear and evident.

If you are already using TFS for your Source Control, the integration is seamless (as one would expect).

Without a shadow of a doubt, Jenkins is a super easy and extremely flexible tool.

Further, with its extensive suite of Plug-Ins, practically all of your Build and Release needs can be accomplished using Jenkins.A few years ago though Microsoft seem’s to have committed to a new format for their documentation.