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28-Sep-2019 14:00

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It’s annoying, but it’s also developmentally appropriate, and she’ll eventually grow out of it. When they put on very short shorts or revealing tops, I cringe at the message they’re sending.But the truth is, they aren’t trying to invite the male gaze.Of course, it’s important to discuss the societal messages inherent in their self-presentation, but not in the heat of the moment. Because talking about sex is awkward, parents tend to get “the talk” out of the way and hope for the best. In her book , Peggy Orenstein explains that while girls expect equality in the classroom and on the playing field, they’re still being pressured to engage in sexual activity that is too often sexist and demeaning.Choose a calm, connected moment to explain that dressing like the Kardashians shouldn’t be equated with adulthood. Our daughters deserve more dialogue before finding themselves in situations where they’re being pushed into sexual behavior.But as much as we want to connect, we don’t want to be their buddy.Teens need us to be their moral compass and to be in charge.For example, what should they do or say if kissing turns into unwanted touching? It’s developmentally normal for them to focus on their problems and their desires. During the teen years, girls shift their focus from family to their tribe of friends — and this tribe might be doing things you don’t approve of.

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It’s even more important for you to stay calm and remember that your teen is a sea of raging hormones.Facing consequences and overcoming challenges is part of becoming a resilient adult.

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