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23-Nov-2019 09:03

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My parents refused to acknowledge it and hid everything from me.My parents were very rigid about gender roles when I was growing up and they punished me whenever I didn't behave like my forcibly assigned sex.

I didn't get diagnosed until I was 20, when my pain was getting so horrific that I had to quit school and my job.

I went for my first visit to a gyno and she told me that I was abnormal. My parents had always pulled me out of sex ed in school, and I was raised in such a strict religious environment that I sincerely had never seen what anatomy was supposed to look like. I was so scared of what would happen that I didn't tell my parents anything that my doctor told me.

I had been dating my boyfriend for years already and I was so scared to tell him that I waited months before I said anything to him either. I was never even remotely happy as a woman, but I know that my family, my boyfriend, and everyone else could never accept me as a man either.

All of the problems in my life are directly tied to a condition I was born with and how I've been treated because of it.

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Based on what I know, when I was born my biological sex was ambiguous and doctors tried to have me surgically "corrected" into a female.We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

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