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31-Aug-2020 11:04

My kid’s goldfish has more emotions then this person, no thanks! This person may have some flaws but so does everyone.This person may have tried and failed at a few relationships, but so have millions.By Tatiauna Miller I’m a single black female with a child.According to some lame ass statistics I would be considered the least desirable mate.It is intimidating until I start to wonder, why the hell is this person single? I don’t mean fun and eccentric type crazy, I mean restraining order type crazy.If they aren’t crazy then there is a high probability that this person is emotionally slow , with an emotional IQ of 0.Some people think since I’m single with a child, I should not be dating. You ever notice women get more grief for being single with children, but men get praised when the roles are reversed? They do the same thing as moms except they have dangly bits.

She worked as an image consultant before starting You Tube.She was born in Seattle, Washington and has three sisters.She got engaged to her fiancé James in January 2012. She partnered with Matt Steffanina in a dance competition called Dance Showdown.Then we have bad baggage; your new boo’s Crazy Ex, (who they think is harmless) that comes to peak in the windows at 3am.

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Ummm that person’s still in battle, please pass on that soldier. The world only gave me one free love pass and I screwed it up?

Then I realize they can’t just be best for me, they got to best for my kid too.